Day #25: Hockey Poetry

Hockey Haiku

Crisp air hits their face

Skates, sliding across the ice

Puck drops, game begins

Now, a letter to hockey

Dear Hockey,


A terrible time is being had here, adjusting to screen only days,

These are strange and scary times, and we need your helpful ways.

Can you speed up time, and get my Brett back on the ice?

He cannot sit alone anymore. It’s just no longer nice.

He cannot sit at all in fact, itching with energy bubbling,

All of this alone time is VERY deeply troubling.

He’s doing very little, except staring at a screen,

He shoots pucks in the driveway, but isn’t ever seen.

It’s not the same to be alone with NO end in sight.

He needs his team to make him laugh and get his mood back right.

He needs the daily exercise, and craves the camaraderie.

He needs his coach to yell at him, a feeling like winning a lottery,

Hockey. Please help him, and also please help me.

I need my hockey mom tribe, to keep my sanity.

Hockey, you have taught us, so many lessons in life,

So, why are you staying away from us, causing so much strife.

You know we cannot virtually play.

PLEASE-get us back together, and quickly save the day.

With you so far away from us, our life is shriveling to nothing,

Brett needs the drills and game excitement, to keep his feathers from ruffling,

We have an offering to give to you, a shiny virtual puck,

So, help us now and hurry back, we hope it brings us luck.

Good bye for now and don’t be shy,

We’ll be here longingly waiting, for your hasty reply.

With love,

A desperate hockey mom

Published by umalizia

I am a K teacher! I’ve been teaching for 28 years, and I love 💕 working with kids. I also love watching my son, Brett grow up. He has made me a hockey mom!

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